Monday, October 29, 2007


Hello all!!! I know so many of you are pissed that I havent been writing anything I have just been so busy and I actually don't have time to write much right now but I promise before this week is over I will give you all a long , detailed update! This little blurp is just to let everyone know I left all of the drama in Disgusta for a reason and I really didnt think it could follow me all the way here. If you have access to the information in my bank account please note that I only put a few hundred dollars in my account before I left home and the rest of my PLENTY of money is in Travelers Checks. I have more money than I will need here......If I didn't I would be on a plane home or trying to find work. Thank you for your concern.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I know some of you already know this info , but i have been getting tons of emails asking me what exactly it is that I am doing here in CR and how I know the children ect. Soooooo.....for those who don´t know............

When I was first planning this trip I was told that for the majority of my time I was going to be working in a furniture shop where the family I am living with handmakes everything, and that I would also have the chance to work in a wildlife sanctuary if I wanted. I get here and find out that that is not the case! The furniture is not really hand´s made with lots of big scary machines and the man of the house didn´t think it would be a good idea for me to use said machines! So....I spent the first couple of weeks here basically vacationing. Exploring. Learning how to cook. It was really fun but by the end of the second week I really started itching for something more meaningful , productive. I asked everyone I knew here if they knew of anyone who needed volunteer help during the day and finally I found out that there was a little daycare about a mile from my house and the lady who ran it needed someone energetic to basically play with the kids all day! Anyone who knows me knows if I could have picked one thing to do while i was here it would be exactly that so I was obviously very excited!! So I started the next morning and everything went perfectly. I was gathering my things to leave that evening when Maria( the lady who runs it) stopped me to talk. She thanked me so much for helping her, told me that she couldn´t be happier that it was me who was going to be working there because the children really needed the love and attention. This struck me as odd because all of the children at first glance seem to be very loved and cared for. They all seem happy. So, I asked her what she meant by that and then she began to explain everything I didn´t want to hear. All of theese children have been abused, some sexually, some physically. She went on and on about how horrible all of the parents are. By that point I was really confused because all of theese children go home in the evenings with their parents¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿ I asked her why and couldn´t quite catch what she was trying to tell me because she speaks only spanish.....the only things i managed to gather from her responce were that it was a government funded day care for underpriviledged children. Why the kids go home to abusive parents every night I still don´t know, but I am bound and determined every single day to try and make up for everything they don´t have in the night, and during the day , they ARE happy and loved and payed attention to.......every one of them.We dance, sing, run, play, paint , get messy and dirty making mud pies, the older ones love for me to teach them english. They are really amazing. Very different from the children in the US.I wish you could all know them!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

So this is why I am here.......!?!

I have never been this happy in my entire life!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Snake Zoo

I went to the Snake Zoo last night! Ate dinner at their new little cafe. Got a free tour......played with the racoon and the dogs! I am in another should all be very jealous. Or better yet....just say "Fuck it" to eveything that sucks and come join me!! Hi Mom~

Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog Confessional

So , this morning at about 7 Jaime had to make a quick run to the next town over to talk business with one of his parters and invited me to come with him. We pull up and I notice that it was a farm. I thought this was so cool because I have been obsessed with farms forever. So I was walking around , checking everything out, petting the baby cows and then I came across the chicken coop. I have never really had the chance to observe a bunch of chickens before so I was excited to watch them. I immediately noticed one chicken in particular. He was really ugly , had a funny "Bock", and looked like he had gotten into a fight with a bigger , stronger chicken because he had almost no feathers on his neck. I felt kinda bad for him. The outcast chicken. He looked lonely and sad, all by himself in the corner of the coop.I just stood there and watched him and the others for about another half hour and by the time we were ready to leave I felt I really had a connection with the outcast chicken. We could relate, in many ways, to eachother. Jaime and his friend walked out of the house and towards me when his friend began pointing towards the coop. As they walked over his friend bent over and picked up an empty rice sack off of the ground. "No....?" Oh yes. He went into the coop, looked around for a few seconds and grabbed my new friend by his pathetic little neck, stuffed him into the sack and handed him to me.I think this was meant to be a welcome gift. I held him all the way home, in my lap, trying so hard to radiate love and calm through my finger tips, through the rice sack and into him. I will spare you all the gory details of his death, however you do need to know that we ate him for lunch.......and he was really good. I feel horrible......So how many Hail Mary's ?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nueva Ojos

I wish I was good enought with words to give you an accurate mental picture of how beautiful it is here but I don´t think even Shakespeare could do that. I wake up every morning at 5:30 am to the sound of birds chirping and roosters crowing. I sit up and I can feel the cool morning mountain breeze on my face and smell the fruit growing on all of the trees. Right outside of my bedroom door leads to the garden where I have a front row view of the beautiful mountains and the volcano lit up by the sun rise.I love Costa Rica. I have never loved anywhere more and I don´t think I ever will. America will never be the same to me.